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Proverbs 27:18


The one who tends a fig tree 1  will eat its fruit, 2  and whoever takes care of 3  his master will be honored.


Ge 24:2,3; Ge 39:2-5,22,23; Ex 24:13; 1Sa 2:30; 2Ki 3:11; 2Ki 5:2,3,25,27; Ps 123:2; Pr 17:2; Pr 22:29; So 8:12; Mt 24:25,46; Mt 25:21,22; Mr 10:43; Lu 12:37,43,44; Joh 12:26; Ac 10:7; 1Co 9:7,13; Col 3:22; 1Pe 2:18,21

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sn Tending fig trees requires closer attention than other plants; so the point here would be the diligent care that is required.

sn The principle is established in the first line with the emblem: Those who faithfully serve will be rewarded in kind. The second half of the proverb makes the point from this illustration.

sn The Hebrew participle translated “takes care of” (שֹׁמֵר, shomer) describes a careful watching over or looking after, a meticulous service, anticipating the needs and safeguarding the charge. Such a servant need not worry about his efforts going unrecognized and unrewarded (e.g., Prov 22:29; 2 Tim 2:6, 15).

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