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Proverbs 26:28


A lying tongue 1  hates those crushed by it, and a flattering mouth works ruin. 2 


Pr 6:24; Pr 7:5,21-23; Pr 29:5; Lu 20:20,21; Joh 8:40,44-49; Joh 10:32,33; Joh 15:22-24

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tn Heb “the tongue of deception.” The subject matter of this proverb is deceptive speech. The “tongue of deception” (using a metonymy of cause with an attributive genitive) means that what is said is false. Likewise the “smooth mouth” means that what is said is smooth, flattering.

sn The verse makes it clear that only pain and ruin can come from deception. The statement that the lying tongue “hates those crushed by it” suggests that the sentiments of hatred help the deceiver justify what he says about people. The ruin that he brings is probably on other people, but it could also be taken to include his own ruin.

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