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Proverbs 24:14


Likewise, know 1  that wisdom is sweet 2  to your soul; if you find it, 3  you will have a future, 4  and your hope will not be cut off.


Ps 19:10,11; Ps 119:103,111; Pr 2:1-5,10; Pr 3:13-18; Pr 22:18; Pr 23:18; Jer 15:16; Mt 19:21; Jas 1:25

NET © Notes

tn D. W. Thomas argues for a meaning of “seek” in place of “know” (“Notes on Some Passages in the Book of Proverbs,” JTS 38 [1937]: 400-403).

tn The phrase “is sweet” is supplied in the translation as a clarification.

tn The term “it” is supplied in the translation.

tn Heb “there will be an end.” The word is אַחֲרִית (’akhrit, “after-part, end”). BDB 31 s.v. b says in a passage like this it means “a future,” i.e., a happy close of life, sometimes suggesting the idea of posterity promised to the righteous, often parallel to “hope.”

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