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Proverbs 22:7


The rich rule over 1  the poor, and the borrower is servant 2  to the lender.


2Ki 4:1; Ne 5:4,5; Pr 14:31; Pr 18:23; Pr 22:16,22; Isa 24:2; Am 2:6; Am 4:1; Am 5:11,12; Am 8:4,6; Mt 18:25; Jas 2:6; Jas 5:1,4

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sn The proverb is making an observation on life. The synonymous parallelism matches “rule over” with “servant” to show how poverty makes people dependent on, or obligated to, others.

tn Or “slave” (so NAB, NASB, NRSV, TEV, CEV). This may refer to the practice in Israel of people selling themselves into slavery to pay off debts (Exod 21:2-7).

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