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Proverbs 20:6


Many people profess their loyalty, 1  but a faithful person 2  – who can find? 3 


Ps 12:1; Pr 25:14; Pr 27:2; Ec 7:28; Jer 5:1; Mic 7:2; Mt 6:2; Lu 18:8,11,28; Lu 18:8; Lu 22:33; Joh 1:47; 2Co 12:11

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tn Heb “many a man calls/proclaims a man of his loyal love.” The Syriac and Tg. Prov 20:6 render the verb as passive: “many are called kind.” Other suggestions include: “most men meet people who will do them occasional kindnesses” (RSV); “many men profess friendship” (C. H. Toy, Proverbs [ICC], 384); “many men invite only the one who has shown them kindness.” The simplest interpretation in this context is “many proclaim [themselves to be] a kind person (= a loyal friend).” The contrast is between many who claim to be loyal friends and the one who actually proves to be faithful.

tn The shift to the expression “a man of faithfulness[es]” in the second line indicates that of all those who claim to show faithful love, it is rare to find one who is truly reliable (as the word אֱמוּנִים [’emunim] indicates clearly); cf. NAB, NRSV “one worthy of trust.”

sn The point of the rhetorical question is that a truly faithful friend is very difficult to find.

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