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Proverbs 20:25


It is a snare 1  for a person 2  to rashly cry, 3  “Holy!” and only afterward to consider 4  what he has vowed. 5 


Le 5:15; Le 22:10-15; Le 27:9,10,31; Le 27:30; Nu 30:2-16; Pr 18:7; Ec 5:4-6; Mal 3:8-10; Mt 5:33

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sn It would be a “snare” because it would lead people into financial difficulties; Leviticus 27 talks about foolish or rash vows.

tn Heb “a man.”

tn The verb is from לוּע (lu’) or לָעַע (laa’); it means “to talk wildly” (not to be confused with the homonym “to swallow”). It occurs here and in Job 6:3.

sn This refers to speaking rashly in dedicating something to the sanctuary by calling it “Holy.”

tn Heb “reflect on.” The person is to consider the vows before making them, to ensure that they can be fulfilled. Too many people make their vow or promise without thinking, and then later worry about how they will fulfill their vows.

tn Heb “the vows” (so NASB); CEV “promises.”

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