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Proverbs 19:29


Judgments 1  are prepared for scorners, and floggings for the backs of fools.


Pr 3:34; Pr 7:22; Pr 9:12; Pr 10:13; Pr 17:10; Pr 26:3; Isa 28:22; Isa 29:20; Ac 13:40,41; Heb 12:6; 2Pe 3:3-7

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tc Some (cf. NAB) suggest emending the MT’s “judgments” (from שָׁפַט, shafat) to “rods” (from שָׁבַט, shavat); however, this is not necessary if the term in the MT is interpreted figuratively. The LXX “scourges” might reflect a different Vorlage, but it also could have been an interpretive translation from the same text. “Judgments” is a metonymy of cause and refers to the punishment that the scoffer is to receive.

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