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Proverbs 19:19


A person with great anger bears the penalty, 1  but if you deliver him from it once, you will have to do it again. 2 


1Sa 20:30,31; 1Sa 22:7-23; 1Sa 24:17-22; 1Sa 26:21-25; 2Sa 16:5,6; Pr 22:24,25; Pr 25:28; Pr 29:22

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sn The Hebrew word means “indemnity, fine”; this suggests that the trouble could be legal, and the angry person has to pay for it.

tn The second colon of the verse is very difficult, and there have been many proposals as to its meaning: (1) “If you save [your enemy], you will add [good to yourself]”; (2) “If you save [your son by chastening], you may continue [chastisement and so educate him]”; (3) “If you deliver [him by paying the fine for him once], you will have to do it again”; (4) “If you save [him this time], you will have to increase [the punishment later on].” All interpretations have to supply a considerable amount of material (indicated by brackets). Many English versions are similar to (3).

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