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Proverbs 17:20


The one who has a perverse heart 1  does not find good, 2  and the one who is deceitful in speech 3  falls into trouble.


Ps 18:26; Pr 3:32; Pr 6:12-15; Pr 8:13; Pr 10:10,14,31; Pr 18:6,7; Ec 10:12; Jas 3:6-8

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tn The verse parallels two descriptions of the wicked person: “crooked/perverse of heart” (genitive of specification), and “turned away in his tongue” (deceitful). The first phrase describes twisted intentions. The second, using the Niphal participle (“one turned away”) with “tongue,” the metonymy of cause, describes one who has turned away from speaking truth. Cf. NLT “the twisted tongue tumbles into trouble.”

tn The phrase “does not find good” is a figure (tapeinosis) meaning, “will experience calamity.” The wicked person can expect trouble ahead.

tn Heb “tongue”; NIV “whose tongue is deceitful.”

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