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Proverbs 17:17


A friend 1  loves at all times, and a relative 2  is born to help in adversity. 3 


Ru 1:16; 1Sa 18:3; 1Sa 19:2; 1Sa 20:17; 1Sa 23:16; 2Sa 1:26; 2Sa 9:1-13; Es 4:14; Pr 18:24; Pr 19:7; Joh 15:13,14; Heb 2:11

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sn The verse uses synonymous parallelism, so “friend” and “relative” are equated. Others, however, will take the verse with antithetical parallelism: W. G. Plaut argues that friendship is a spiritual relationship whereas a brother’s ties are based on a blood relationship – often adversity is the only thing that brings brothers together (Proverbs, 189).

tn Heb “a brother.”

tn Heb “is born for adversity.” This is not referring to sibling rivalry but to the loyalty a brother shows during times of calamity. This is not to say that a brother only shows loyalty when there is trouble, nor that he always does in these times (e.g., 18:19, 24; 19:7; 27:10). The true friend is the same as a brotherly relation – in times of greatest need the loyal love is displayed.

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