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Proverbs 16:4


The Lord works 1  everything for its own ends 2  – even the wicked for the day of disaster. 3 


Job 21:30; Isa 43:7,21; Ro 9:22; Ro 11:36; 1Pe 2:8; 2Pe 2:3,9; Re 4:11

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sn The Hebrew verb translated “works” (פָּעַל, paal) means “to work out; to bring about; to accomplish.” It is used of God’s sovereign control of life (e.g., Num 23:23; Isa 26:12).

tn Heb “for its answer.” The term לַמַּעֲנֵהוּ (lammaanehu) has been taken to mean either “for his purpose” or “for its answer.” The Hebrew word is מַעֲנֶה (maaneh, “answer”) and not לְמַעַן (lÿmaan, “purpose”). So the suffix likely refers to “everything” (כֹּל, kol). God ensures that everyone’s actions and the consequences of those actions correspond – certainly the wicked for the day of calamity. In God’s order there is just retribution for every act.

sn This is an example of synthetic parallelism (“A, what’s more B”). The A-line affirms a truth, and the B-line expands on it with a specific application about the wicked – whatever disaster comes their way is an appropriate correspondent for their life.

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