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Proverbs 16:12


Doing wickedness 1  is an abomination to kings, because a throne 2  is established in righteousness.


De 25:16; Ps 99:4; Pr 20:18; Pr 25:5; Pr 28:9; Pr 29:14; Lu 12:48; Re 19:11

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sn The “wickedness” mentioned here (רֶשַׁע, resha’) might better be understood as a criminal act, for the related word “wicked” can also mean the guilty criminal. If a king is trying to have a righteous administration, he will detest any criminal acts.

tn The “throne” represents the administration, or the decisions made from the throne by the king, and so the word is a metonymy of adjunct (cf. NLT “his rule”).

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