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Proverbs 15:7


The lips of the wise spread 1  knowledge, but not so the heart of fools. 2 


Ps 37:30; Ps 45:2; Ps 51:13-15; Ps 71:15-18; Ps 78:2-6; Ps 119:13; Pr 10:20,21; Ec 12:9,10; So 4:11; Mt 10:27; Mt 12:34; Mt 28:18-20; Mr 16:15; Ac 18:9,10; Ro 10:14-17; Ro 15:18-21; Eph 4:29; 2Ti 2:2; Jas 3:6

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tc The verb of the first colon is difficult because it does not fit the second very well – a heart does not “scatter” or “spread” knowledge. On the basis of the LXX, C. H. Toy (Proverbs [ICC], 305) suggests a change to יִצְּרוּ (yitsÿru, “they preserve”). The Greek evidence, however, is not strong. For the second line the LXX has “hearts of fools are not safe,” apparently taking לֹא־כֵן (lo-khen) as “unstable” instead of “not so.” So it seems futile to use the Greek version to modify the first colon to make a better parallel, when the Greek has such a different reading in the second colon anyway.

sn The phrase “the heart of fools” emphasizes that fools do not comprehend knowledge. Cf. NCV “there is no knowledge in the thoughts of fools.”

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