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Proverbs 15:6


In the house 1  of the righteous is abundant wealth, 2  but the income of the wicked brings trouble. 3 


Job 20:19-23; Ps 37:16; Ps 112:3; Pr 8:21; Pr 10:22; Pr 13:22; Pr 15:16; Pr 16:8; Pr 21:20; Ec 4:6; Ec 5:10-14; Heb 11:26; Jas 5:1-3

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tn The term בֵּית (bet, “house”) functions as an adverbial accusative of location.

sn The Hebrew noun חֹסֶן (khosen) means “wealth; treasure.” Prosperity is the reward for righteousness. This is true only in so far as a proverb can be carried in its application, allowing for exceptions. The Greek text for this verse has no reference for wealth, but talks about amassing righteousness.

tn Heb “will be troubled.” The function of the Niphal participle may be understood in two ways: (1) substantival use: abstract noun meaning “disturbance, calamity” (BDB 747 s.v. עָכַר) or passive noun meaning “thing troubled,” or (2) verbal use: “will be troubled” (HALOT 824 s.v. עכר nif).

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