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Proverbs 15:4


Speech 1  that heals 2  is like 3  a life-giving tree, 4  but a perverse tongue 5  breaks the spirit.


Ge 3:22-24; Ps 52:2-4; Ps 109:22; Pr 3:18; Pr 12:18; Pr 16:24; Pr 18:8,14; Pr 26:22; Mal 4:2; 1Ti 6:3; Re 2:7

NET © Notes

tn Heb “a tongue.” The term “tongue” is a metonymy of cause for what is produced: speech.

tn Heb “a tongue of healing.” A healing tongue refers to speech that is therapeutic or soothing. It is a source of vitality.

tn The comparative “like” does not appear in the Hebrew text, but is implied by the metaphor; it is supplied for the sake of clarity.

tn Heb “tree of life.”

tn Heb “perversion in it.” The referent must be the tongue, so this has been supplied in the translation for clarity. A tongue that is twisted, perverse, or deceitful is a way of describing deceitful speech. Such words will crush the spirit (e.g., Isa 65:14).

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