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Proverbs 15:15


All the days 1  of the afflicted 2  are bad, 3  but one with 4  a cheerful heart has a continual feast. 5 


Ge 37:35; Ge 47:9; Ps 90:7-9; Pr 16:22; Pr 17:22; Ac 16:25; Ro 5:2,3,11; Ro 12:12; 2Co 1:5,12; 2Co 6:10; 1Pe 1:6-8; 1Pe 4:13

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sn The “days” represent what happens on those days (metonymy of subject).

tn The contrast is between the “afflicted” and the “good of heart” (a genitive of specification, “cheerful/healthy heart/spirit/attitude”).

sn The parallelism suggests that the afflicted is one afflicted within his spirit, for the proverb is promoting a healthy frame of mind.

tn Or “evil”; or “catastrophic.”

tn “one with” is supplied.

sn The image of a continual feast signifies the enjoyment of what life offers (cf. TEV “happy people…enjoy life”). The figure is a hypocatastasis; among its several implications are joy, fulfillment, abundance, pleasure.

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