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Proverbs 14:13


Even in laughter the heart may ache, 1  and the end 2  of joy may be 3  grief.


Pr 5:4; Ec 2:2,10,11; Ec 7:5,6; Ec 11:9; Lu 16:25; Jas 4:9; Re 18:7,8

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sn No joy is completely free of grief. There is a joy that is superficial and there is underlying pain that will remain after the joy is gone.

tn Heb “and its end, joy, is grief.” The suffix may be regarded as an Aramaism, a proleptic suffix referring to “joy.”

tn The phrase “may be” is not in the Hebrew but is supplied from the parallelism, which features an imperfect of possibility.

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