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Proverbs 13:25


The righteous has enough food to satisfy his appetite, 1  but the belly of the wicked lacks food. 2 


De 28:48; De 32:24; Ps 34:10; Ps 37:3,16,18,19; Pr 6:11; Pr 24:34; Isa 65:13,14; 2Th 3:10; 1Ti 4:8; Heb 13:5

NET © Notes

tn The noun נֶפֶשׁ (traditionally “soul”; cf. KJV, ASV) here means “appetite” (BDB 660 s.v. 5.a).

tn Heb “he will lack.” The term “food” is supplied in the translation as a clarification. The wicked may go hungry, or lack all they desire, just as the first colon may mean that what the righteous acquire proves satisfying to them.

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