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Proverbs 13:21


Calamity 1  pursues sinners, but prosperity rewards the righteous. 2 


Ge 4:7; Nu 32:23; Ps 32:10; Ps 140:11; Isa 3:10,11; Ac 28:4; Ro 2:7-10

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tn Heb “evil.” The term רָעָה (raah, “evil”) here functions in a metonymical sense meaning “calamity.” “Good” is the general idea of good fortune or prosperity; the opposite, “evil,” is likewise “misfortune” (cf. NAB, NIV, NRSV) or calamity.

sn This statement deals with recompense in absolute terms. It is this principle, without allowing for any of the exceptions that Proverbs itself acknowledges, that Job’s friends applied (incorrectly) to his suffering.

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