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Proverbs 13:16


Every shrewd 1  person acts with knowledge, but a fool displays 2  his folly.


1Sa 25:10,11,17,25; Ps 112:5; Pr 12:22,23; Pr 15:2; Pr 21:24; Ec 10:3; Isa 52:13; Mt 10:16; Ro 16:19; 1Co 14:20; Eph 5:17

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sn The shrewd person knows the circumstances, dangers and pitfalls that lie ahead. So he deals with them wisely. This makes him cautious.

tn Heb “spreads open” [his folly]. W. McKane suggests that this is a figure of a peddler displaying his wares (Proverbs [OTL], 456; cf. NAB “the fool peddles folly”). If given a chance, a fool will reveal his foolishness in public. But the wise study the facts and make decisions accordingly.

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