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Proverbs 13:13


The one who despises instruction 1  will pay the penalty, 2  but whoever esteems instruction 3  will 4  be rewarded. 5 


2Sa 12:9,10; 2Ch 36:16; Ezr 10:3; Ps 19:11; Ps 115:13; Ps 119:165; Pr 1:25,30,31; Isa 66:2; Jer 43:2; Jer 44:16,17; Eze 20:13,16,24; Mal 3:16; Mt 5:12; Lu 16:31; Heb 10:28,29; 2Jo 1:8

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tn Heb “the word.” The term “word” means teaching in general; its parallel “command” indicates that it is the more forceful instruction that is meant. Both of these terms are used for scripture.

tc The MT reads יֵחָבֶל (yekhavel, “he will pay [for it]”; cf. NAB, NIV) but the BHS editors suggest revocalizing the text to יְחֻבָּל (yÿkhubal, “he will be broken [for it]”; cf. NRSV “bring destruction on themselves”).

tn Heb “will be pledged to it.” The Niphal of I חָבַל (khaval) “to pledge” means “to be under pledge to pay the penalty” (BDB 286 s.v. Niph). Whoever despises teaching will be treated as a debtor – he will pay for it if he offends against the law.

tn Heb “fears a commandment”; NIV “respects a command.”

tn Heb “he” or “that one” [will be rewarded].

tc The LXX adds: “A crafty son will have no good thing, but the affairs of a wise servant will be prosperous; and his path will be directed rightly.”

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