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Proverbs 12:3


No one 1  can be established 2  through wickedness, but a righteous root 3  cannot be moved.


1Sa 25:33; Job 5:3-5; Job 15:29; Job 20:5-9; Job 27:16-18; Ps 15:5; Ps 125:1,2; Pr 10:25; Pr 12:12; Eph 3:17; Col 2:7

NET © Notes

tn Heb “a man cannot be.”

tn The Niphal imperfect of כּוּן (cun, “to be established”) refers to finding permanent “security” (so NRSV, TEV, CEV) before God. Only righteousness can do that.

tn Heb “a root of righteousness.” The genitive צַדִּיקִים (tsadiqim, “righteousness”) functions as an attributive adjective. The figure “root” (שֹׁרֶשׁ, shoresh) stresses the security of the righteous; they are firmly planted and cannot be uprooted (cf. NLT “the godly have deep roots”). The righteous are often compared to a tree (e.g., 11:30; Ps 1:3; 92:13).

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