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Proverbs 11:6


The righteousness of the upright will deliver them, 1  but the faithless will be captured 2  by their own desires. 3 


Ge 30:33; Ge 31:37; 1Sa 12:3,4; 1Ki 2:32,33,44; Ps 7:16; Pr 5:22; Ec 10:8

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sn The contrast is between being rescued or delivered (נָצַל, natsal) and being captured (לָכַד, lakhad). Righteousness is freeing; [evil] desires are enslaving.

tn Heb “taken captive” (so NRSV); NIV, TEV “are trapped.”

tn Heb “but by the desire of the faithless are they taken captive.”

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