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Proverbs 1:15


My child, do not go down 1  their way, 2  withhold yourself 3  from their path; 4 


Ps 1:1; Ps 26:4,5; Ps 119:101; Pr 4:14,15; Pr 4:27; Pr 5:8; Pr 9:6; Pr 13:20; Jer 14:10; 2Co 6:17

NET © Notes

tn Heb “do not walk.”

tn Heb “in the way with them.”

tn Heb “your foot.” The term “foot” (רֶגֶל, regel) is a synecdoche of part (= your foot) for the whole person (= yourself).

sn The word “path” (נְתִיבָה, nÿtivah) like the word “way” (דֶּרֶךְ, derekh) is used as an idiom (developed from a hypocatastasis), meaning “conduct, course of life.”

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