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Numbers 9:18


At the commandment 1  of the Lord the Israelites would begin their journey, and at the commandment of the Lord they would make camp; as long as 2  the cloud remained settled over the tabernacle they would camp.


Ex 17:1; Nu 9:20; Nu 10:13; 1Co 10:1; 2Jo 1:6

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tn Heb “at the mouth of” (so also in vv. 20, 23).

tn Heb “all the days of – that the cloud settled over the tabernacle.” “All” is the adverbial accusative of time telling how long they camped in one spot – all. The word is then qualified by the genitive of the thing measured – “all of the days” – and this in turn is qualified by a noun clause functioning as a genitive after “days of.”

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