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Numbers 7:2


Then the leaders of Israel, the heads of their clans, 1  made an offering. They were the leaders of the tribes; they were the ones who had been supervising 2  the numbering.


Ex 35:27; Nu 1:4-16; Nu 2:1-34; Nu 10:1-36; 1Ch 29:6-8; 2Ch 35:8; Ezr 2:68,69; Ne 7:70-72

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tn Heb “the house of their fathers.”

tn The form is the Qal active participle from the verb “to stand” (עָמַד, ’amad). The form describes these leaders as “the ones standing over [the ones numbered].” The expression, along with the clear indication of the first census in chapter 1, shows that this was a supervisory capacity.

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