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Numbers 5:3


You must expel both men and women; you must put them outside the camp, so that 1  they will not defile their camps, among which I live.”


Le 26:11,12; Nu 19:22; De 23:14; 1Ki 7:3; Ps 68:18; Isa 12:6; Hag 2:13,14; 1Co 5:7-13; 2Co 6:16; 2Co 6:17; 2Th 3:6; Tit 3:10; Heb 12:15,16; 2Jo 1:10,11; Re 21:3; Re 21:27

NET © Notes

tn The imperfect tense functions here as a final imperfect, expressing the purpose of putting such folks outside the camp. The two preceding imperfects (repeated for emphasis) are taken here as instruction or legislation.

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