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Numbers 2:3


“Now those who will be camping 1  on the east, toward the sunrise, 2  are the divisions 3  of the camp of Judah under their standard. The leader of the people of Judah is 4  Nahshon son of Amminadab.


Ge 49:8-10; Nu 1:7; Nu 7:12,17; Nu 10:14-16; Nu 26:19-22; Jud 1:1,2; Ru 4:20; 1Ch 2:10; 1Ch 5:2; Mt 1:4; Lu 3:32,33

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tn The sentence begins with a vav (ו) on a word that is not a finite verb, indicating a new section begins here. The verbal form is a participle with the article used substantivally, with the meaning “and/now those camping.” Many English versions employ a finite verb; cf. KJV “on the east side…shall they of the standard of the camp of Judah pitch.”

tc The two synonyms might seem to be tautological, but this is fairly common and therefore acceptable in Hebrew prose (cf. Exod 26:18; 38:13; etc.).

tn The sentence actually has “[those camping…are] the standard of the camp of Judah according to their divisions.”

tn Or “will be.”

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