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Numbers 15:5


You must also prepare one-fourth of a hin of wine for a drink offering 1  with the burnt offering or the sacrifice for each lamb. 2 


Nu 28:7,14; Jud 9:13; Ps 116:13; So 1:4; Zec 9:17; Mt 26:28,29; Php 2:17; 2Ti 4:6

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sn The drink-offering was an ancient custom, mentioned in the Ugaritic tablets of Ras Shamra (14th century b.c.). The drink offering was poured out at the base of the altar (see Sir 50:15 and Josephus, Ant. 3.9.4 [3.234]).

tn Heb “for the one lamb,” but it clearly means “for each lamb.”

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