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Numbers 14:19


Please forgive 1  the iniquity of this people according to your great loyal love, 2  just as you have forgiven this people from Egypt even until now.”


Ex 32:10-14; Ex 32:32; Ex 33:17; Ex 34:9; 1Ki 8:34; Ps 51:1,2; Ps 78:38; Ps 106:7,8,45; Isa 55:7; Eze 20:8,9; Da 9:19; Jon 3:10; Jon 4:2; Mic 7:18; Tit 3:4-7; Jas 5:15; 1Jo 5:14-16

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tn The verb סְלַח־נָא (selakh-na’), the imperative form, means “forgive” (see Ps 130:4), “pardon,” “excuse.” The imperative is of course a prayer, a desire, and not a command.

tn The construct unit is “the greatness of your loyal love.” This is the genitive of specification, the first word being the modifier.

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