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Numbers 1:51


Whenever the tabernacle is to move, 1  the Levites must take it down, and whenever the tabernacle is to be reassembled, 2  the Levites must set it up. 3  Any unauthorized person 4  who approaches it must be killed.


Le 22:10-13; Nu 3:10,38; Nu 4:5-33; Nu 10:11,17-21; Nu 16:40; Nu 18:22; 1Sa 6:19; 2Sa 6:7

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tn The construction uses the infinitive construct with the temporal preposition; the “tabernacle” is then the following genitive. Literally it is “and in the moving of the tabernacle,” meaning, “when the tabernacle is supposed to be moved,” i.e., when people are supposed to move it. The verb נָסָע (nasa’) means “pull up the tent pegs and move,” or more simply, “journey.”

tn Here we have the parallel construction using the infinitive construct in a temporal adverbial clause.

tn Heb “raise it up.”

tn The word used here is זָר (zar), normally translated “stranger” or “outsider.” It is most often used for a foreigner, an outsider, who does not belong in Israel, or who, although allowed in the land, may be viewed with suspicion. But here it seems to include even Israelites other than the tribe of Levi.

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