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Nehemiah 9:4


Then the Levites – Jeshua, Binnui, 1  Kadmiel, Shebaniah, Bunni, Sherebiah, Bani, and Kenani – stood on the steps and called out loudly 2  to the LORD their God.


2Ch 20:19; Ne 8:7; Ne 9:5; Ne 10:9-13; Ne 12:8; Ps 3:4; Ps 77:1; Ps 130:1; La 3:8; Joh 11:43; Ac 7:60

NET © Notes

tc Heb “Bani.” The translation reads “Binnui” (so also NAB) rather than the MT reading “Bani.” Otherwise there are two individuals with the same name in this verse. The name “Binnui” appears, for example, in Neh 10:10.

tn Heb “in a great voice.”

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