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Nehemiah 6:9


All of them were wanting 1  to scare us, supposing, “Their hands will grow slack from the work, and it won’t get done.” So now, strengthen my hands! 2 


1Sa 30:6; 2Ch 15:7; 2Ch 32:18; Ezr 4:1-24; Ne 4:10-14; Ne 6:14; Ps 56:3; Ps 68:35; Ps 71:1; Ps 138:3; Isa 35:3,4; Isa 41:10; Jer 38:4; Zec 10:12; 2Co 12:9; Eph 3:16; Eph 6:10; Php 4:13; Heb 12:12; 1Pe 5:10

NET © Notes

tn The participle has a desiderative nuance here, describing the desire of the subject and not necessarily the actual outcome. See also v. 14.

tn The statement “So now, strengthen my hands” is frequently understood as an implied prayer, but is taken differently by NAB (“But instead, I now redoubled my efforts”).

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