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Micah 7:4


The best of them is like a thorn; the most godly among them are more dangerous than a row of thorn bushes. 1  The day you try to avoid by posting watchmen – your appointed time of punishment – is on the way, 2  and then you will experience confusion. 3 


2Sa 23:6,7; Isa 10:3; Isa 22:5; Isa 55:13; Jer 8:12; Jer 10:15; Eze 2:6; Eze 12:23,24; Ho 9:7,8; Am 8:2; Lu 21:25; Heb 6:8

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tn Heb “[the] godly from a row of thorn bushes.” The preposition מִן (min) is comparative and the comparative element (perhaps “sharper” is the idea) is omitted. See BDB 582 s.v. 6 and GKC 431 §133.e.

tn Heb “the day of your watchmen, your appointed [time], is coming.” The present translation takes “watchmen” to refer to actual sentries. However, the “watchmen” could refer figuratively to the prophets who had warned Judah of approaching judgment. In this case one could translate, “The day your prophets warned about – your appointed time of punishment – is on the way.”

tn Heb “and now will be their confusion.”

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