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Micah 7:3


They are determined to be experts at doing evil; 1  government officials and judges take bribes, 2  prominent men make demands, and they all do what is necessary to satisfy them. 3 


1Ki 21:9-14; Pr 4:16,17; Isa 1:23; Isa 26:21; Jer 3:5; Jer 8:10; Eze 22:6; Eze 22:27; Ho 4:18; Am 5:12; Mic 3:11; Mt 26:15; Lu 12:1,2; 1Co 4:5

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tn Heb “upon evil [are their] hands to do [it] well.”

tn Heb “the official asks – and the judge – for a bribe.”

tn More literally, “the great one announces what his appetite desires and they weave it together.” Apparently this means that subordinates plot and maneuver to make sure the prominent man’s desires materialize.

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