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Micah 7:16


Nations will see this and be disappointed by 1  all their strength, they will put their hands over their mouths, and act as if they were deaf. 2 


Job 21:5; Job 29:9,10; Job 40:4; Ps 126:2; Isa 26:11; Isa 52:15; Isa 66:18; Eze 38:23; Eze 39:17-21; Mic 5:8; Zec 8:20-23; Zec 12:9; Ro 3:19; Re 11:18

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tn Or “be ashamed of.”

tn Heb “and their ears will be deaf.” Apparently this means the opposing nations will be left dumbfounded by the Lord’s power. Their inability to respond will make them appear to be deaf mutes.

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