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Micah 6:6


With what should I 1  enter the Lord’s presence? With what 2  should I bow before the sovereign God? 3  Should I enter his presence with burnt offerings, with year-old calves?


Ge 14:18-22; Ex 12:5; Le 1:3-17; Nu 23:1-4,14,15,29,30; 2Sa 21:3; Ps 22:29; Ps 95:6; Da 3:26; Da 4:9; Da 5:18,21; Mt 19:16; Mr 5:7; Lu 10:25; Joh 6:26; Ac 2:37; Ac 16:17; Ac 16:30; Ro 10:2,3; Eph 3:14; Heb 10:4-10

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sn With what should I enter the Lord’s presence? The prophet speaks again, playing the role of an inquisitive worshiper who wants to know what God really desires from his followers.

tn The words “with what” do double duty in the parallelism and are supplied in the second line of the translation for clarification.

tn Or “the exalted God.”

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