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Micah 2:10


But you are the ones who will be forced to leave! 1  For this land is not secure! 2  Sin will thoroughly destroy it! 3 


Le 18:24-28; Le 20:22-26; De 4:26; De 12:9; De 30:18; Jos 23:15,16; 1Ki 9:7; 2Ki 15:29; 2Ki 17:6; 2Ch 7:20; 2Ch 36:20,21; Ps 95:11; Ps 106:38; Jer 3:2; Jer 9:19; Jer 10:18; Eze 36:12-14; Heb 4:1-9

NET © Notes

tn Heb “Arise and go!” These imperatives are rhetorical. Those who wrongly drove widows and orphans from their homes and land inheritances will themselves be driven out of the land (cf. Isa 5:8-17). This is an example of poetic justice.

tn Heb “for this is no resting place.” The Lord speaks to the oppressors.

tn Heb “uncleanness will destroy, and destruction will be severe.”

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