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Micah 1:8


For this reason I 1  will mourn and wail; I will walk around barefoot 2  and without my outer garments. 3  I will howl 4  like a wild dog, 5  and screech 6  like an owl. 7 


Job 30:29; Ps 102:6; Isa 16:9; Isa 20:2-4; Isa 21:3; Isa 22:4; Jer 4:19; Jer 9:1,10,19; Jer 48:36-39

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tn The prophet is probably the speaker here.

tn Or “stripped.” The precise meaning of this Hebrew word is unclear. It may refer to walking barefoot (see 2 Sam 15:30) or to partially stripping oneself (see Job 12:17-19).

tn Heb “naked.” This probably does not refer to complete nudity, but to stripping off one’s outer garments as an outward sign of the destitution felt by the mourner.

tn Heb “I will make lamentation.”

tn Or “a jackal”; CEV “howling wolves.”

tn Heb “[make] a mourning.”

tn Or perhaps “ostrich” (cf. ASV, NAB, NASB, NRSV, NLT).

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