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Micah 1:16


Shave your heads bald as you mourn for the children you love; 1  shave your foreheads as bald 2  as an eagle, 3  for they are taken from you into exile.


De 28:41; De 28:56,57; 2Ki 17:6; Job 1:20; Isa 3:16-26; Isa 15:2; Isa 22:12; Isa 39:6,7; Jer 6:26; Jer 7:29; Jer 16:6; La 4:5-8; Am 8:10

NET © Notes

tn Heb “over the sons of your delight.”

tn Heb “make wide your baldness.”

tn Or “a vulture” (cf. NIV, TEV); CEV “a buzzard.” The Hebrew term נֶשֶׁר (nesher) refers to the griffon vulture or eagle.

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