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Matthew 23:5


They 1  do all their deeds to be seen by people, for they make their phylacteries 2  wide and their tassels 3  long.


Nu 15:38,39; De 6:8; De 22:12; 2Ki 10:16; Pr 3:3; Pr 6:21-23; Mt 6:1-16; Mt 9:20; Lu 16:15; Lu 20:47; Lu 21:1; Joh 5:44; Joh 7:18; Joh 12:43; Php 1:15; Php 2:3; 2Th 2:4

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tn Here δέ (de) has not been translated.

sn Phylacteries were small leather cases containing OT scripture verses, worn on the arm and forehead by Jews, especially when praying. The custom was derived from such OT passages as Exod 13:9; 16; Deut 6:8; 11:18.

tn The term κράσπεδον (kraspedon) in some contexts could refer to the outer fringe of the garment (possibly in Mark 6:56). This edge could have been plain or decorated. L&N 6.180 states, “In Mt 23:5 κράσπεδον denotes the tassels worn at the four corners of the outer garment (see 6.194).”

sn Tassels refer to the tassels that a male Israelite was obligated to wear on the four corners of his outer garment according to the Mosaic law (Num 15:38; Deut 22:12).

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