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Matthew 21:29


The boy answered, 1  ‘I will not.’ But later he had a change of heart 2  and went.


2Ch 33:10-19; Isa 1:16-19; Isa 55:6,7; Jer 44:16; Eze 18:28-32; Da 4:34-37; Jon 3:2,8-10; Mt 3:2-8; Mt 21:31; Lu 15:17,18; Ac 26:20; 1Co 6:11; Eph 2:1-13; Eph 4:17-19

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tn Grk “And answering, he said.” This is somewhat redundant and has been simplified in the translation. Here the referent (“the boy”) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn The Greek text reads here μεταμέλομαι (metamelomai): “to change one’s mind about something, with the probable implication of regret” (L&N 31.59); cf. also BDAG 639 s.v. The idea in this context involves more than just a change of mind, for the son regrets his initial response. The same verb is used in v. 32.

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