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Matthew 12:35


The good person 1  brings good things out of his 2  good treasury, 3  and the evil person brings evil things out of his evil treasury.


Ps 37:30,31; Pr 10:20,21; Pr 12:6,17-19; Pr 15:4,23,28; Pr 16:21-23; Pr 25:11,12; Mt 12:34; Mt 13:52; Eph 4:29; Col 3:16; Col 4:6

NET © Notes

tn The Greek text reads here ἄνθρωπος (anqrwpos). The term is generic referring to any person.

tn Grk “the”; the Greek article has been translated here and in the following clause (“his evil treasury”) as a possessive pronoun (ExSyn 215).

sn The treasury here is a metaphorical reference to a person’s heart (cf. BDAG 456 s.v. θησαυρός 1.b and the parallel passage in Luke 6:45).

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