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Mark 9:44


[[EMPTY]] 1 


Isa 33:14; Isa 66:24; Mt 3:12; Mt 25:41,46; Mr 9:46,48; 2Th 1:9; Re 14:10,11; Re 20:10,15; Re 21:8

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tc Most later mss have 9:44 here and 9:46 after v. 45: “where their worm never dies and the fire is never quenched” (identical with v. 48). Verses 44 and 46 are present in A D Θ Ë13 Ï lat syp,h, but lacking in important Alexandrian mss and several others (א B C L W Δ Ψ 0274 Ë1 28 565 892 2427 pc co). This appears to be a scribal addition from v. 48 and is almost certainly not an original part of the Greek text of Mark. The present translation follows NA27 in omitting the verse number, a procedure also followed by a number of other modern translations.

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