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Mark 9:19


He answered them, 1  “You 2  unbelieving 3  generation! How much longer 4  must I be with you? How much longer must I endure 5  you? 6  Bring him to me.”


Nu 14:11,22,27; Nu 32:13,14; De 32:20; Ps 78:6-8,22; Ps 106:21-25; Mt 17:17; Mr 16:14; Lu 9:41; Lu 24:25; Joh 12:27; Joh 20:27; Heb 3:10-12

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tn Grk “And answering, he said to them.” The participle ἀποκριθείς (apokriqeis) is redundant, but the phrasing of the sentence was modified slightly to make it clearer in English.

tn Grk “O.” The marker of direct address, (w), is functionally equivalent to a vocative and is represented in the translation by “you.”

tn Or “faithless.”

sn The rebuke for lack of faith has OT roots: Num 14:27; Deut 32:5, 30; Isa 59:8.

tn Grk “how long.”

tn Or “put up with.” See Num 11:12; Isa 46:4.

sn The pronouns you…you are plural, indicating that Jesus is speaking to a group rather than an individual.

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