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Mark 3:19


and Judas Iscariot, 1  who betrayed him. 2 


Mt 26:14-16,47; Mt 27:3-5; Joh 6:64,71; Joh 12:4-6; Joh 13:2,26-30; Ac 1:16-25

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sn There is some debate about what the name Iscariot means. It probably alludes to a region in Judea and thus might make Judas the only non-Galilean in the group. Several explanations for the name Iscariot have been proposed, but it is probably transliterated Hebrew with the meaning “man of Kerioth” (there are at least two villages that had that name). For further discussion see D. L. Bock, Luke (BECNT), 1:546; also D. A. Carson, John, 304.

tn Grk “who even betrayed him.”

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