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Mark 14:62


“I am,” said Jesus, “and you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand 1  of the Power 2  and coming with the clouds of heaven.” 3 


Ps 110:1; Da 7:13,14; Mt 24:30; Mt 26:64; Mt 27:11; Mr 13:26; Mr 15:2; Mr 16:19; Lu 22:69; Lu 23:3; Ac 1:9-11; 2Th 1:7-10; Heb 1:3; Heb 8:1,10,12,13; Heb 12:2; Re 1:7; Re 20:11

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sn An allusion to Ps 110:1. This is a claim that Jesus shares authority with God in heaven. Those present may have thought they were his judges, but, in fact, the reverse was true.

sn The expression the right hand of the Power is a circumlocution for referring to God. Such indirect references to God were common in 1st century Judaism out of reverence for the divine name.

sn An allusion to Dan 7:13.

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