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Mark 1:22


The people there 1  were amazed by his teaching, because he taught them like one who had authority, 2  not like the experts in the law. 3 


Jer 23:29; Mt 7:28,29; Mt 13:54; Mt 23:16-24; Mr 7:3-13; Lu 4:32; Lu 21:15; Joh 7:46; Ac 6:10; Ac 9:21,22; 2Co 4:2; Heb 4:12,13

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tn Grk “They.”

sn Jesus’ teaching impressed the hearers with the directness of its claim; he taught with authority. A study of Jewish rabbinic interpretation shows that it was typical to cite a list of authorities to make one’s point. Apparently Jesus addressed the issues in terms of his own understanding.

tn Or “the scribes.” The traditional rendering of γραμματεύς (grammateu") as “scribe” does not communicate much to the modern English reader, for whom the term might mean “professional copyist,” if it means anything at all. The people referred to here were recognized experts in the law of Moses and in traditional laws and regulations. Thus “expert in the law” comes closer to the meaning for the modern reader.

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