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Luke 9:55


But Jesus 1  turned and rebuked them, 2 


Nu 20:10-12; 1Sa 24:4-7; 1Sa 26:8-11; 2Sa 19:22; Job 2:10; Job 26:4; Job 31:29-31; Job 34:4-9; Job 35:2-4; Job 42:6; Pr 9:8; Jer 17:9; Mt 16:23; Mt 26:33,41,51; Joh 16:9; Ac 23:3-5; Ac 26:9-11; Jas 3:10; 1Pe 3:9; Re 3:19

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tn Grk “he”; the referent (Jesus) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tc Many mss ([D] K Γ Θ Ë1,13 [579] 700 2542 pm it) have at the end of the verse (with slight variations) “and he said, ‘You do not know what sort of spirit you are of, for the Son of Man did not come to destroy people’s lives, but to save [them].’” This variant is clearly secondary, as it gives some content to the rebuke. Further, it is difficult to explain how such rich material would have been omitted by the rest of the witnesses, including the earliest and best mss.

sn The point of the rebuke is that now was not the time for judgment but patience; see 2 Pet 3:9.

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