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Luke 6:39


He also told them a parable: “Someone who is blind cannot lead another who is blind, can he? 1  Won’t they both fall 2  into a pit?


Isa 9:16; Isa 56:10; Jer 6:15; Jer 8:12; Jer 14:15,16; Mic 3:6,7; Zec 11:15-17; Mt 15:14; Mt 23:16-26; Mt 23:33; Ro 2:19; 1Ti 6:3-5; 2Ti 3:13

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tn Questions prefaced with μή (mh) in Greek anticipate a negative answer. This can sometimes be indicated by using a “tag” at the end in English (here it is “can he?”).

sn The picture of a blind man leading a blind man is a warning to watch who one follows: Won’t they both fall into a pit? The sermon has been about religious choices and reacting graciously to those who oppose the followers of Jesus. Here Jesus’ point was to be careful who you follow and where they are taking you.

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